Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Days Of Heaven

A Super Moon rises behind the Sacred Trees of Heaven.
53" x 28.5" Stained Glass Mosaic Window. "Days Of Heaven" By Victor Nunnally 2014

 I have been wanting to produce this window for over two years.  It is 53" x 28.5". It is a perfect piece for a Mantle.  I have yet to see what string lights are going to do but I know from experience it is go to be radiant. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mosaic Surgery

I did surgery on on this piece.  I removed the previous people riding the bikes and decided to go silhouettes. Repairing Mosaics after they have adhered can be challenging.  It is like being an Oral Surgeon removing teeth. "A Ride Through The Country" maintains the same spirit of freedom and enjoyment, something that many people are being stripped of especially in the Middle East. I think it is time as an artist to capture a parable to what I am witnessing in the news.  There seems to be  a great darkness descending upon the world yet, as history has shown, it can only be followed by a great reformation and renaissance. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Once Upon A Reef

36" x 24" stained glass mosaic. Once Upon a Reef by Victor Nunnally 2014 commission

A customer wanted me to produce another wicker frame mosaic to compliment their first piece but they asked me to go with another theme, a coral reef perhaps.  I am happy with it so, now I need to create another sea life piece for the gallery.  I am currently working on something grand and hope to have it finished by next week; Something to place on the Mantle.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Church In The Woods

I hope this is what you wanted Ida Jean.  I think it came out lovely.  I want to make a sibling for The Promise.  Sorry about the time frame...
18" stained glass mosaic patio side table by Victor Nunnally

Journeyman #6

I had an epiphany;  An oil painting of The Journeyman.  I struggled with the right expression on his face.  Then, there it was.  I am pleased with the outcome.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flowers for The Sea

Flowers for the Sea came out exquisite in my opinion.  I have to say that I like the reflective better than translucent.  However, I have not shot it with stringed lights or an evening sunset.  This is appx 34 x 20".  The sea came out so tranquil giving much balance to the radiant sunflowers.  I did a copper patina on the previous white frame. This gives it a more antique look.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Journeyman #5

The Journeyman series has been a popular mosaic in my collection.  Journeyman #5 continues the series with the protagonist holding a rose riding a pennyfarthing being pursued by a dog .  I have no idea where the Journeyman is going or who the rose is for but hopefully one day he will take us there.  This piece is full of character.  The bottom is inlaid with amethyst and gold gems. (Thank you for that necklace Eleanor) The majority of the piece is all hand cut glass with the exception of agates, a flower dial, a golden rose, a gold sun, and silver heart.  The sun sits beneath the journeyman as if it awaits for the day or that he is riding on the sun.  Full of wonder this piece.  Where will he travel to next?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

American Pride

36" x 28" Stained Glass Mosaic window "Made In The USA" by Victor Nunnally 2014

13" Stained Glass Mosaic Plate by Victor Nunnally

36" x 28" Stained Glass Mosaic Window. "Made In The USA" by Victor Nunnally 2014

18" Stained Glass Mosaic Patio Side Table by Victor Nunnally 2014

13" Stained Glass Mosaic Plate "Summer"  by Victor Nunnally 2014

Summer is here as today reaches about 100 degrees.